Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Easy Steps to Walk on your Hands (Hindi) (1080p HD)

Watch out easy to do hand walking on your hands by Amit Kaushik. (Physical Trainer, Uklana) (Voice : Hindi)

Hand walking is an unusual form of human locomotion in which a person travels in a vertically inverted orientation with all body weight resting on the hands. 

When walking on the hands, you do not have to rely on your hands or arms so much for balance as you can just ‘fall’ in a direction and catch yourself with a step of the hands. 

Walking on your hands is the logical next move after you have learned to do a handstand. 

It certainly demonstrates ones strength, flexibility and agility. This activity is often seen in acrobatics, gymnastics and the circus.

While hand walking, you need to maintain control while you walk and not rely on catching yourself from falling out of balance.

Because the body is inverted during hand walking, blood pressure in the brain is greater than normal.

You have to choose a roomy location with a soft, flat surface. A park, garden, or gym mat would work well for this exercise. Be sure to allow yourself enough space to perform the move; you need more room than you would for a simple handstand. It can help to have a sturdy wall nearby you can practice walking next to.

This skill requires great strength of the hands, forearms and upper body.

Before you start walking on your hands, you need to learn how to balance in place and gain control over your movements. Keep practicing your handstand until you are able to easily move into position 

Easy Steps for Hand Walking
  • First practice by doing push ups in various positions including in a handstand.
  • Practice the handstand against the wall - get confident and also build up your strength.
  • Hold Position : Keep your legs straight up and balance yourself. Hold your legs together for balance and steadiness. Once you’re feeling comfortable, allow your spotter to let go.
  • Then try your hand walking. You may need to practice your balance but walking on your hands actually helps with the balance.
  • Roll out when you are finished : Bend your legs back down from the waist and plant your feet on the ground. 
  • As you start moving around, you will need to constantly adjust your legs and torso to stay balanced. If you start to tip back in the direction of your stomach, move your legs more over your head.
  • The goal is to find your sweet spot, which means to center your body's weight as directly over your hands as possible. 
  • Try to keep your hands directly under your feet at all times. When trying to walk forwards, tilt your body forwards slightly and then move your hands to be underneath your body, and repeat.
Walking is one of the simplest, cheapest and safest forms of exercise, offering a number of important health gains. The beneficial effect of walking can be improved if we do walking on your hands (or hand standing) for few minutes. 

Benefits of Hand Walking
  • It will help to improve muscular strength and endurance of the both the upper and lower body.
  • During hand walking, you are able to strengthen the muscles in your arms and tone your legs
  • While walking on hands can increase energy expenditure and improve our circulatory systems. This increased energy expenditure can help you burn more calories.
Interesting Record : Johann Hurlinger was an Austrian man who walked on his hands from Paris toVienna in 1900. Hurlinger walked on his hands 10 hours a day for 55 days. He averaged 1.58 miles per hour and traversed 870 miles.
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