Thursday, 20 June 2013

Physical Therapy after Total Knee Replacement ~ Dr Shalu Jangra (Hindi)

Watch out benefits of physical therapy after Total Knee Replacement by Dr Shalu Jangra (Physical Therapist, Jindal Hospital). 

Once the patient return home, exercise is still important to prevent complications and to build strength, as well as improve the motion of their knee. This therapy will help the patient to increase their activity level to what it was before surgery. 

The patient’s leg muscles probably feel weak because they did not use them much with their knee problems. The total Knee Replacement corrected that knee problem. A regular exercise program will strengthen their muscles as well as help their knee bend and straighten. The success of therapy will largely depends on the patient’s commitment to follow the exercise program developed by their therapists. 

The patient should exercise two to three times a day, every day, after surgery. Follow specific directions given to the patient by their doctor, nurse or therapist. 

The patient can complete each exercise 10 times. If they are comfortable with the exercise, they can increase the repetitions by five times more too. 

Besides the exercise program, the patient must have time for walking too. The walking may build their strength and endurance. They can walk around their home three to five times each day. Their trips to the bathroom or kitchen are not enough for regaining knee’s motion or their strength. 
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