Sunday, 14 October 2012

First Microchip Pills of World

World's first microchip pill has been introduced and approved by FDA.

The microchip is a normal digital chip made up of silicon with traces of magnesium and copper and is no bigger than the size of a normal medicine. Once the microchip is ingested, it gets activated by the digestive fluids of stomach and starts generating electric signals. These signals are received by a battery operated patch on the patient’s skin which forwards the medical information to a mobile app on patient’s consent. The battery operated patch has a life of seven days and in the mean duration; it is responsible for receiving all the inner-body conditions from the microchip.

The conditions such as heart rate, temperature, body position are tracked and then forwarded to the clinicians (via mobile app) so that the patient can be medicated accordingly. Currently the device has been approved to be used with placebo pills so as to test it’s safety and working. If the procedure turns out to be successful and safe, microchips will be soon integrated with medication. This chip will help to analyze Heart Diseases also.
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