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Health Benefits of Curd

Curd (Yoghurt) is a semisolid preparation of milk prepared by fermentation. It has zero carbohydrates, zero sugar, and zero trans-fats with 20 % calcium for bones. Curd has various health benefits. They are as follow : 
  • It helps to improve the digestive system.
  • Curd helps to strengthen the immune system.
  • It helps to manage with stomach problems.
  • It is beneficial for dealing with osteoporosis.
  • Consuming curd or yogurt increases the capacity to absorb the nutrients and minerals form other food stuffs.
  • It proves beneficial for the lactose intolerant as they can gain all the nutritive contents of milk through curd.
  • Consumption of curd provides relief to the person suffering from dysentery.
  • Consuming curd proves beneficial for those suffering from vaginal infection.
  • It helps to get strong bones and teeth as its calcium content is high.
  • It helps to minimise the risk of high blood pressure.
  • It help in managing high level of cholesterol.

Side Effects of Drinking Tea on Our Health by Mohan Gupta (Hindi) (1080p...

Watch out side effect of drinking tea on our health by Achariya Mohan Gupta (Naturecurist, Natural Life Style, Delhi).

Tea is obtained from the botanical plant named as “Camellia Sinensis”. This plant has a big botanical importance in pharmacological/medical studies.

When you drink tea in the proper times in the proper amounts, tea can be the healthiest drink you can have for your body and mind. Green tea is considered to have the most health benefits of any type of tea.

Black tea, which makes up 75% of the world's consumption, may have healthy properties from its plant chemicals called polyphenols, which are antioxidants.

There are some side effects of tea that could be harmful to human health. Tea has the potential to lead to some unpleasant side effects. They are as follow :
  • Inebriation : Tea can also cause inebriation. If you drink too much strong tea, it can have repercussions on your body. Drinking too much tea can bring negative consequences.
  • Osteofluorosis : Tea leaves contain small amounts of fluoride, it’s large quantity intake of the body can lead to the disorder named as “osteofluorosis”. But fluoride is present in older leaves mainly. So, the leaf picking methods can be effective in terms of resolving this issue.
  • Effect of Urinary System : Tea is also a major cause for kidney disorder. 5 cups of tea increases a person’s urine by 400- 500%. Tea also creates kidney stone as it contains high concentration of oxalate.
  • Effect on Nutrient Absorption : Try to avoid drinking tea after a meal. Tea contains tannin, especially dark teas which contain higher levels of tannin, which can possibly react to iron in your food.
  • Effect on Digestive System : If you drink more than 10g of tea daily, it can irritate the stomach and esophagus lining which can lead to ulcers, acid reflux, and can make you feel slightly intoxicated.
  • Insomnia : Tea’s large quantities while taken induce insomnia in the persons addicted to drink it. Sleeping disorders are very common side effects of tea drinking that affect on human health negatively.
  • Effect on Teeth : The plaques are accumulated on the surface of teeth when persons are habitual drink tea or coffee frequently.
People who rarely drink tea are much more sensitive to the effects of tea.

Precautions while drinking Tea
  • Drinking tea, especially very hot or cold tea, on an empty stomach can cause sudden change of temperature in your stomach and spleen, and cause some unwanted side effects.
  • Do not drink tea right before your meal time. Drinking tea right before having meals usually leads to dilution of saliva, loss of appetite and problems with meal digestion. It is recommended not to drink tea 30 minutes before the mealtime.
  • It is also a good idea to take your tea with a snack or a meal so that you have something to help absorb the tea in your stomach. 
  • Avoid drinking tea during pregnancy and lactation because caffeine and stimulant substances in tea can stimulate uterine contractions. In addition to nursing mothers would disrupt production of milk-producing glands, or milk.
Similarly Coffee interferes with your body’s ability to use folate, and vitamins B12 and B6. Your body needs these nutrients in order to keep your homocysteine level in the healthy range. 

Coffee or Tea raises the acidity level of your blood, causing calcium to be pulled from your bones and teeth for use as a buffering agent.

Caffeine is a psychoactive substance in Tea able to alter the way your brain functions, bringing about temporary changes in your behaviour and mood.

Caffeine is particularly addictive because it goes straight to the brain. It triggers a fast release of the stimulant adrenalin, which makes you feel more alert.

Its well-established caffeine increases blood pressure. A high caffeine intake has also been strongly linked with miscarriage.

The amount of caffeine is small and makes tea a healthier alternative to coffee. Water is also thought to be better than tea for the health of your gut.

If you have likely developed a dependence on the stimulant from tea, upon lowering your caffeine intake or stopping altogether, it's possible that you might experience withdrawal symptoms, including trouble concentrating, headaches and excessive fatigue.

Health Benefits of Tulsi Tea

Tulsi is full of antioxidants, which are nutrients that fight the free radicals in your body and prevent oxidation damage. Cells damaged through oxidation leave the door open for disease to invade your body.

Antioxidants help your body resist heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkin­son’s, cancer, and even the aging process.

Tulsi tea contains phytochemicals, compounds which have health promoting prop­erties. The combination of antioxidants and phytochemicals found in tulsi can improve your overall health in a variety of ways. They are as follow : 
  • Tulsi support for our immune system
  • It improves digestion system.
  • Tulsi increase our resistance to stress.
  • It promote healthy metabolism.
  • It maintains healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • It provide you with skeletal and joins support.
Tulsi tea has a naturally delicious taste - a bit spicy. You can add a natural sweetener like raw honey or Stevia, and raw milk as desired. You can also drink it iced with a touch of mint.
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